BIOSAFETY- World Leader in Germ Killing Technology.

A simple application and your office or home will be protected and smelling fresh. BioSafety utilizes a hospital-grade disinfectant. Medical facilities around the world use our technology to eliminate germs, mold spores, bacteria and fungus.

We are so confident that everybody will understand the necessity for BIOSAFETY to live and work in an infection free environment, that we offer a FREE DEMONSTRATION of our services on-site. Our Free Demonstration includes:

-The BioSafety Solution Application

-Before & After Germ Test - HEPA Filter Air Scrubbing Purification Cycle

- Evaluation to find your specific needs

In every study, BioSafety eliminated germs, bacteria, mold and odors upon contact. In fact, it is proven to have a 99.9999% kill rate. Our Product is an EPA & NSF approved, Bio-Degradable, Non Corrosive, Non Toxic, Food Graded Hospital Disinfectant.