What is the cost for one (1) disinfecting service?

The price typically varies from $0.06 to $0.15 per SQF depending on the frequency of service and the # of SQF.

What is the average cost cost for one (1) disinfecting service?

The average cost is $0.09 per SQF.

How long does it take to do the service?

On average our disinfecting service takes approximately 90 minutes for 3000 SQF.

What product do you use to clean?

VITAL OXIDE which is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and odor eliminator. Vital Oxide is Authorized in List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Will the product smell?

Yes. You'll be left with a clean light smell.

Is the product toxic?

No, it is hospital and food grade.

How long does the cleaning product last for?

Up to 30 days depending on the traffic in your place.

Can I use VITAL OXIDE for my everyday cleaning?

Yes, we sell it for your convenience.

Can I buy VITAL OXIDE directly from you?

Yes, we sell only 5 gallons containers with pump. We ship to anywhere in Florida.

Why is important to use electrostatic guns?

To make sure VITAL OXIDE adheres evenly to all the superficies in an efficient way. The electrostatic charge to the VITAL OXIDE disinfecting solution creates a 3-D wrapping effect adhering to all surfaces and killing 99.999% all germs, viruses and bacterias. Including COVID-19

Do you use foggers?

No. Foggers do not work for this type of disinfecting service.

How often do you recommend the service?

At least 1 a month.

What areAs do you disinfect?

We disinfect 100% of the area.

Can I be inside while you provide the service?


How many people perform the service?

2 or 3 depending on the SQF.

How soon can people come in after the service is finished?

30 min.

What days do you provide the service?

Every day 24/7.

Do you Preform the Service on Saturday and Sunday?


Do I have to wash something after the service?

No, you do not need to rinse the product.

Do give a disinfecting Certificate?

Yes, every time we provide a service we will provide you with an updated service certificate.

Can the product be used in restaurants?

Yes. Vital oxide is Food grade. A large percentage of our clients are from the food industry.

What happen is the product touches food?

Nothing, Vital Oxide is food grade and hospital grad.

How does the FREE DEMO work?

We come into the location you want to disinfect and show you our Swap Surface MEASURE Test and Electrostatic gun in action.

How long does it take to do the demo?

Usually between 20 to 30 min.

What is included in the FREE DEMO?

3 Swap Measurement Test .30 SQF of Electrostatic Disinfecting with VITAL OXIDE.Location Assessment for QuotingCOVID-19 Pandemic PlanningManual Facility Reopening Guide.Formal Quote.

How do i Schedule a FREE DEMO?

CALL US 844 246 7389.

Can I hire the service on the spot after watching the FREE DEMO?

Yes, but we can't guarantee immediate availability as it depends on our Disinfecting Team Schedule.

How can I pay for the service?

Please give us a call or write us an email to schedule an appointment.


Is the product used for disinfecting in the N List approved by the CDC?


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